This software is developed in Microsoft Access to calculate the repayment schedule of a loan along with the interest and principal amount component in each monthly installment of the loan.

The utility software has been thoroughly revised in the current version. Concept of advance, delayed and unequal installments in loan structuring has been used to generate repayment schedules of virtually all types, and thus widen the scope of this utility.

The code has been substantially revised to facilitate these changes and to speed up the calculations.

More user- friendly and easy layout has been designed for controls with improved functionality.

New additions are as under:

By structuring the installments (i.e. all installments may not be made equal) and setting other options carefully, any sort of repayment schedule can be generated and printed.

The installments in the repayment schedule can be structured i.e. all installments need not be equal. More flexible structuring has been devised by totally revising the previous concept of fixed yearly intervals, and now the structuring can be done at desired interval of Months.​​

First EMI (Equal Monthly Installment) may be specified as input parameter to get the repayment schedule of a loan in place of specifying either flat or compound rate of interest as input parameter.

The installments can be rounded off or changed to new values to get the fresh repayment schedule in second stage of calculations. However, in rounding off the installments, the rate of interest cannot be entered as input parameter, and

the same would be derived as a function of modified installments entered.

Installment repayment can be started after any number of months of the loan commencement date. However, a higher limit of two hundred forty has been imposed for this parameter.​​

Schedule of loan, requiring more than one installment in advance, can be calculated and printed.